Our Practice Green emblem is our way of promoting the work we do to champion environmental sustainability practices within and outside the firm. 

Sustainability Partner:
Dave Schrodt

Practice Green

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Chapman is committed to environmental sustainability and champions everyday environmental efforts, including lighting and energy conservation, recycling, low-emitting materials, water use reduction, and green purchasing.  Our accomplishments include:

Green Power: Chapman has been recognized as a US Environmental Protection Agency Green Power Partner and 100% Green Power User for the third year in a row. We earned the recognition by making green power purchases in renewable energy certificates (REC's), which offset the environmental impact associated with the conventional electricity that is generated in our offices. Chapman purchases renewable energy through NextEra Energy.

Sustainability Volunteering - Adopt-a-BeachTM Event: In July 2013, volunteers from Chapman's Chicago office gave their time to clean up 12th Street Beach in partnership with the Alliance for the Great Lakes. Almost 50 attorneys and staff from Chapman worked through the heat and helped collect 86.37 lbs. of recyclable materials and 84.74 lbs. of trash from the beach. The Adopt-a-BeachTM  stewardship program promotes a collective responsibility to keep beaches around the Great Lakes clean and safe. 

Green Office ChallengeChapman participates in the Chicago Green Office Challenge, a city-wide competition that engages businesses to reduce their environmental impact and ranks them according to Energy Star and LEED criteria. The Challenge is a collaboration between the City of Chicago and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability. In 2012, we became one of only four law firms in the city to achieve Tier 1 status, the highest ranking.

Law Office Climate Challenge: Chapman was recognized in 2010 as a partner in the ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge Waste Wise Program after adopting best practices in office paper management which includes recycling all discarded paper, promoting double-sided printing and successfully transitioning all office paper to 30 percent post-consumer waste recycled paper.