We use our Diversity symbol to encourage a work environment of inclusion and acceptance. We take pride in the uniqueness of our employees and their ideas and perspectives. 

Chapman Diversity Matters

To learn more about diversity at Chapman, please see our community brochure: Diversity Matters.

Diversity Partners:
Walt Draney
Carol Thompson

Diversity & Inclusion

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At Chapman and Cutler, we believe fostering a diverse and inclusive environment increases our creativity, heightens the quality of our thinking, and enables us to provide valued counsel on the complex and sophisticated issues facing our clients. To that end, we support a wide range of initiatives, including:


Chapman continues to receive recognition for our diversity efforts and accomplishments:

Affinity Groups

Chapman Affinity Groups are designed to provide mentoring and support for our diverse attorney population. The Affinity Groups focus on issues pertaining to professional mentoring, business development, leadership opportunities and challenges, career advancement, personal marketing, and other topics; share social/networking opportunities; and address challenges that relate specifically to the circumstances of each individual. We have three groups: our Ethnically Diverse Affinity Group, our LGBT Affinity Group, and our Women’s Affinity Group.

Women @ Chapman

Our Women’s Affinity Group is active in advancing the visibility and business development goals of women attorneys at Chapman. Included below are a few of the accomplishments of our women attorneys:


Recent Publications

Laura Appleby:

Melanie Gnazzo:

 Cari Grieb:

Heather Hansche

Simone Tatsch

Recent Presentations

Cynthia Baker:

Erin Bartholomy:

Sarah Breitmeyer:

Nancy Burke:

Preetha Gist:

Lynda Given

Melanie Gnazzo:

Cari Grieb:

Juliet Huang:

Kristin Parker:

Anjali Vij

Community and Industry Involvement

Supplier Diversity

Chapman is committed to ensuring diversity at all levels of involvement with the firm. Every day, we rely on strategic partnerships to provide the resources and tools we use to manage our practice and deliver the service we provide clients. We believe that utilizing a diverse array of vendors and suppliers, allows us to promote inclusion, and better serve our diverse and unique personnel and clients. To learn more about becoming a Chapman vendor, please click here.