CPI Team

Chapman Practice Innovations is a team of process-minded professionals focused on delivering innovative technology and practice management solutions for the firm and its clients. The team works with practice groups and deal teams to drive efficiency, agility, and client service.

Advanced Practice Technology

Our Practice Innovations team researches, designs, and develops technology tools to enhance the firm’s delivery of legal services. The team collaborates with Chapman attorneys to develop document automation systems, implement artificial intelligence systems for document analysis, and design custom transaction management software. The team also works with leading legal technology companies to fine-tune innovative products for our attorneys and clients. 

Legal Project Management and Process Improvement

By channeling firm and industry data, our Practice Innovations team assists attorneys in scoping, staffing, and pricing matters. This involves process-mapping workflows, developing toolkits for matter management, tailoring matter staffing to fit budget goals, and monitoring matter progress and budgeting throughout the course of a project.

The team works side-by-side with attorneys and practice group leaders to organize effective teams and engineer efficient processes for transactional and litigation matters. Employing a deep understanding of the complexities involved for each of our matter types, the team utilizes both technological resources and industry-leading principles to meet the needs of each of our attorneys, practice groups, and clients. 

Knowledge Management

To effectively leverage the firm’s collective and historical knowledge, the Practice Innovations team aggregates and organizes firm data, industry insights, and best practices for attorneys to use firm-wide. The team develops and implements databases of transactional metadata, data visualization and analytics systems, sophisticated search tools, and content repositories that support and equip our attorneys with a knowledge base to serve clients’ needs.

Client Collaboration

The Practice Innovations team partners with client legal departments to pool ideas and initiatives for continuous improvement, identifying ways to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and promote predictable pricing. The team also develops information-sharing platforms to provide clients real-time 24/7 access to matter data and documents, reducing email and redundant communication.