What Makes Us Unique

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Finance Focus
What makes Chapman and Cutler unique is our steadfast focus on finance. Our client base comprises financial institutions and other entities seeking and providing financing. We like these clients, we like learning how and why they do what they do, and we like helping them do business by bringing our knowledge and experience to the table.

Innovative Thinking
An innovative firm can create opportunities when nothing seems to be going according to plan. Since our founding, we have contributed to some of the finance industry’s significant innovations, from formulating state blue sky laws in the early 1920s, to the development of the unit investment trust in the 1960s, to creating new bond and structured financing tools in the later part of the 20th Century and early 21st Century, Chapman helped lead the way with respect to financing innovation.

Stability 100 Years On
A stable firm weathers challenges and navigates toward recovery. Over our 100 year history, Chapman has navigated a steady course through a great depression, two world wars, and varying levels of financial crises. Helping our clients face challenges and manage risks is what we do best. Working alongside our clients, with a “we are in this together” mentality, has allowed Chapman to continue to thrive.

Shaping the Future
Forward-looking firms help shape the future. Our attorneys are actively working with industry organizations and governmental entities to comment on proposed reforms, write new legislation and regulations, and guide implementation of new rules.

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