Finance Law Development Program

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We are a law firm with a national practice focused on clients that participate in global financial markets. Chapman clients include the largest US and foreign financial institutions, private equity and hedge funds, investment companies, investment banks, insurance and finance companies, and state and local governments. 


Chapman’s Finance Law Development Program takes place in the firm’s Chicago office and offers substantive work experience for students interested in finance and the law. Those who participated in the Finance Law Internship will automatically be considered for an Analyst position. However, students who did not participate in the Internship are also welcome to apply for an Analyst position.




Attend law school or seek out other opportunities. If you choose to attend law school, you may be able to return to Chapman as a law clerk or summer associate. Alternatively, you may consider other available opportunities with either Chapman or a Chapman client. 


Our Analysts help with a variety of special projects while receiving training and one-on-one professional development.

Transactional Experience

Research Experience

Practical Experience


“The Finance Law Development Program is an incredibly unique employment opportunity. In addition to gaining valuable work experience in the legal industry, I spent my transition from college to working life surrounded by knowledgeable, talented, and driven attorneys. Every day I interacted with individuals that were thriving in the profession I was hoping to pursue. The attorneys at Chapman took time to provide advice on how to prepare for the LSAT, how to succeed in law school, how to understand complex transactions, and how to be a good attorney. My law school experience has been far more enjoyable because of the mentorship I received as part of the Finance Law Development Program.”  — Paul Schneider

“My experience as an FLDP at Chapman has been overwhelmingly positive. Being able to work closely with knowledgeable and inspiring attorneys on complex, impactful deals has allowed me to solidify my dream of pursuing a legal career. My favorite part of the firm is its people, who are always willing to answer questions and offer encouragement and support. I cannot recommend this program enough for any student who is considering law school or a legal career.”ˆ— Rachel Waddey 

“The FLDP is the ultimate learning experience for those interested in gaining relevant and meaningful work experience in the legal field before pursuing their JD. The firm provides its FLDP Analysts with singular opportunities to serve as valuable contributors in its diverse range of transactional legal services, opportunities that one would not normally have any exposure to before entering law school. I am incredibly grateful for these experiences, as they have given me insights into the industry that have cemented my interest in becoming a lawyer.” — Gerardo Alvarez

For more information on the Finance Law Development Program, contact Jessica Hoffer.

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