Upcoming Events

  • Event
    January 17, 2019

    Chapman will host a CLE program. 

  • Conference
    January 22-25, 2019

    Chapman attorney Tony Yager will serve as chair of the Private Placements Industry Forum. 

  • Conference
    January 24-26, 2019

    Chapman attorneys Kyle Harding and Anjali Vij will be speaking at the 2019 Illinois Association of Park Districts / Illinois Park and Recreation Association Soaring to New Heights Conference.

  • Conference
    January 28-29, 2019

    Chapman attorney Paul Carman will be speaking at the 8th Annual International Bar Association Tax Conference. 

  • Conference
    February 24-27, 2019

    Chapman attorneys Preetha Gist, Tim Mohan, and David Sykes will be speaking at the Structured Finance Industry Group's Vegas 2019 conference.