Chapman and Cutler LLP trusts and estates attorneys actively assist fiduciaries in the administration of complex decedent's and guardianship estates and trusts. We counsel individuals and corporate fiduciaries on their responsibilities as executor, trustee and guardian for disabled adults and minors. We also assist executors, trustees and guardians for managing the myriad daily responsibilities of a fiduciary, including asset collection, bill payment, asset transfers and accounting.

Chapman and Cutler LLP contributes a quality team to estate and trust administration.

We select an experienced team of attorneys, paralegals and accountants to attend to every detail of the estate or trust. Our collective experience allows us to efficiently anticipate and address issues at the outset of the engagement and, when appropriate, to devise favorable tax planning strategies.

We prepare estate, gift and fiduciary income tax returns using sophisticated tax preparation software. Additionally, we have represented many estates in federal audits of estate tax returns.

Finally, when probate administration of a decedent’s estate is necessary, our practice group attorneys are familiar with all facets of handling routine and complex probate court matters in Illinois, Florida and (in conjunction with local counsel) many other jurisdictions.

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