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The services we provide are comprehensive: from the development of online lending programs, to the funding of platforms, to investor opportunities and securitization

Chapman has extensive experience representing internet-based platforms engaged in consumer, student, and small business lending and providing other financial products. We also represent many other clients engaged in marketplace lending transactions, including loan purchasers, warehouse line providers and securitizers. We help our clients comply with the novel legal and regulatory issues presented by these programs and assist them in obtaining access to (or providing) a variety of funding solutions.

Issuance Programs and Regulatory Advice. We represent start-up platforms in negotiating loan sale and related agreements with originating bank partners and advise both platforms and investors regarding federal and state consumer protection, lending, and licensing laws and related regulatory requirements. 

Lending Facilities. We represent both lending platforms and loan investors in whole loan purchase programs, as well as commercial banks, investment banks and borrowers in the negotiation of warehouse loan facilities collateralized by marketplace loans. 

Securitization. We represent sponsors, underwriters and indenture trustees in marketplace loan securitizations. We also represent platforms in connection with their issuance of pass-through notes representing fractional interests in underlying marketplace loans. 

Investment Companies and Private Funds. We represent regulated investment companies and private funds in connection with investments in marketplace lending products and were the first to structure a closed-end fund filed with the SEC that focuses in marketplace lending investments.

Marketplace Lending and Fintech Updates