Chapman and Cutler LLP has a long history of working on mortgage-backed financings starting in the mid-1980s through our representation of the captive CMO issuer of a major Wall Street investment firm. We have continued this work through representation of mortgage finance companies and banks in connection with their ongoing securitization and other mortgage portfolio-related financings.

We also continue to serve as regular tax counsel to a public mortgage REIT in connection with its ongoing residential mortgage securitization program, which includes both public and private RMBS and HELOC offerings, and our client's ongoing CDO program established to re-securitize RMBS, CMBS and subordinated interests in commercial mortgage loans.

We also have experience structuring investments in derivatives transactions (e.g., credit default swaps, total return swaps and credit linked notes) on commercial mortgage and MBS related assets. We have recently been involved in unusual mortgage-backed financings concerning the securitization of church loans.

As trustee's counsel, the firm regularly undertakes a variety of mortgage securitization transactions.

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