Chapman is one of the few law firms in the country that has completed multiple pay for success financings

Chapman attorneys have been at the forefront in the use of pay for success financing, also known as social impact bonds, to finance public sector projects through private sector investments. Our attorneys have an in-depth understanding of the goals and concerns of government participants, social service agencies, and investors involved in these types of transactions.

Unique Experience. Chapman has served as lender’s counsel, government counsel, service provider’s counsel, and intermediary’s counsel in several pay for success transactions across the country, providing Chapman a broad base of experience with this innovative financing tool. Chapman attorneys have also participated in multiple speaking panels and written articles highlighting the use of pay for success financing and explaining the intricacies of its implementation. Chapman has even assisted with the drafting of enabling legislation for governments.

A Cutting-Edge Tool. A social impact bond is a financing tool that enables government agencies to finance important social projects in a nontraditional way. Under a pay for success arrangement, a government sets a specific, measurable outcome it wants achieved in a population and promises to pay for such services if and only if the social services agency providing the services accomplishes the outcome. The social services are initially funded by investors from the private sector and, if success is achieved, the government repays the investors.

Opportunities. In the face of shrinking public budgets, pay for success is a powerful tool that can enable policymakers to use resources more efficiently and improve services for disadvantaged populations, while at the same time providing social-minded investors with attractive investment opportunities. 

Representative Transactions

* Representation by a Chapman attorney at a prior firm.

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