MSRB 2017 Strategic Priorities and Recent Key Issues for Municipal Issuers, Underwriters, Dealers and Municipal Advisors

October 31, 2016

Client Alert
The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (“MSRB”) recently issued a notice seeking guidance on its strategic priorities for 2017. A copy of the notice is available here. The MSRB’s notice seeks comment on potential areas where the MSRB should focus its strategic goals and how it should prioritize its core activities. Commenters are encouraged to address existing or new areas of interest. Below is a summary of areas that the MSRB specifically noted in its request for comment along with highlights of key recent MSRB actions and areas of focus for municipal issuers, underwriters, municipal securities dealers and municipal advisors. Firms might consider these items in providing comments to the MSRB and in planning for 2017 and beyond.

MSRB 2017 Strategic Priorities

To help formulate its 2017 strategic priorities, the MSRB encouraged public comments on:

Recent MSRB Board Areas of Focus

At its recent meeting the MSRB board of directors focused on certain key issues:

Key Areas of MSRB Activity

The MSRB has engaged in a variety of rulemaking and other activities in the past year. Below is a list (with hyperlinks) to selected Chapman Client Alerts and MSRB notices on selected activities organized by their applicability to municipal issuers and underwriters, municipal securities dealers and municipal advisors.

Municipal Issuers and Underwriters

Municipal Securities Dealers

Municipal Advisors

What Should I Do Now?

Comments on the MSRB’s request for input on its 2017 strategic priorities are due by November 11, 2016 and may be submitted in paper form or electronically at the MSRB’s website. Firms should review their existing business, operational and compliance practices as they begin planning for 2017 and beyond given the ongoing rulemaking activities of the MSRB.

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