Over the course of our 100-year history, our attorneys have helped shape the law as it applies to financial market participants with precedent-setting cases in consumer lending and retail banking

Chapman’s Litigation Group possess a thorough understanding of the law and of regulation and operation of retail banking. We have represented lenders, servicers and credit card companies in the defense of litigation claims premised upon consumer finance-related matters, including claims based on federal and state consumer protection laws and class actions. 

Consumer Claims. Operating in a highly regulated industry requires constant attention on the lending law landscape. Our litigation team is well versed in the myriad statutes and regulations governing retail banking and consumer lending and advises clients on a wide range of consumer protection laws, including:

Class Actions. When it comes to the potentially catastrophic liability inherent in class action litigation, companies and financial institutions have turned to our Litigation Group to defend class-related claims. Combining an in-depth knowledge of consumer-related statutes and regulations with a thorough knowledge of the litigation strategies employed by plaintiff counsel, our litigation team has been able to disqualify class representatives or otherwise convince courts that class treatment of a claim is inappropriate. In those matters where a class has been certified, we have guided clients through the various stages of the class action process and have also achieved success in favorably resolving those matters for clients.


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