Chapman CLE Programs

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Chapman will be hosting the CLE programs listed below. Please contact Stacey Kielbasa if you are interested in participating in any of these programs.

January 5: Trustee Issues

January 11: Fiduciary Income Tax Rules and Procedures

January 12: Fiduciary Income Tax Rules and Procedures

January 14: Lease Revenue Bonds and Certificates of Participation: Conceptual Legal Framework, Basic Structures and Documents

January 14: Tax Advantaged Bonds Chapter I – State and Local Bonds, basic requirements applicable to debt in order to qualify for tax advantage

January 19: UCC Collateral Types

January 20: Municipal Leasing: An Introduction

January 21: Basic Federal Tax Law and TEFRA Requirements

January 25: Introduction to Bond Counsel

January 25: Effective Communication and Working With and Mentoring Staff and Junior Associates

January 27: Introduction to Underwriter's Counsel Duel Diligence

January 27: What’s Changed, What’s the Same Under the New Illinois Trust Code?

January 28: Bond Counsel Due Diligence

January 28: Reviewing Bond Purchase Contracts and Remarketing Agreements; Regulatory Update

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