Advancing Board Refreshment Through the Director Succession Planning Process

July 27, 2016 (Originally Published June 24, 2016)
Corporate Compliance Insights

“Board refreshment” is currently a hot corporate governance topic. A board of directors’ ability to “refresh” itself on a regular basis can help ensure that the board is comprised of the proper mix of directors to meet both current and long‑term needs of the board, the company and shareholders, and provide the necessary oversight of the company’s evolving corporate strategy and risks. New and fresh perspectives on the board, it is often argued, contribute to the board successfully addressing those needs and oversight responsibilities. Director succession, director tenure, mandatory retirement, proxy access, board evaluations and board diversity, among other factors, are all integral and interrelated components that either contribute to or result from board refreshment.

This corporate governance update focuses on director succession planning and the critical role it plays in board refreshment. Specifically, this update (1) provides general information concerning director succession planning, (2) summarizes the current director succession-related policies and positions of several large asset managers and pension funds, and certain corporate governance advocates, to provide insight into the expectations of those parties with respect to director succession planning and (3) presents practical considerations for boards to help facilitate successful director succession.

This Corporate Governance Quarterly Update was republished by Corporate Compliance Insights on July 27, 2016. Click here to read the republished article.

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