Chapman and Cutler’s Asset-Based Lending Group represents a wide variety of banks and commercial finance companies in asset-based finance transactions.

Chapman practice professionals enjoy a long-standing reputation for successfully negotiating numerous asset-based finance transactions.

In the not-too-distant past, asset-based finance transactions were relatively small in size and driven principally by working capital assets (e.g., accounts receivable and inventory) and were reserved for transactions not considered “bankable.”

Times have changed, and so has the practice of asset-based finance. These days, commercial banks compete with commercial finance companies to extend credit on an asset-based basis and asset-based lenders also compete to make acquisition loans, capital expenditure and equipment loans, and real estate loans.

Contemporary asset-based finance transactions have grown in size and complexity, including the use of syndicated secured credit facilities, multi-currency borrowings and cross-border collateralization. Our practice group has grown accordingly, applying our collective experience in all aspects of today’s asset-based finance transactions. Included in the mix are syndicated lending issues in the context of an asset-based/dominion of funds transaction, personal property and real estate collateral security matters, regulatory matters and cash management arrangements (which are at the heart of asset-based finance transactions).

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