Since its founding, Chapman and Cutler LLP has been one of the country's preeminent law firms in state and municipal finance. Dozens of lawyers comprise the firm's Public Finance Group, primarily serving as bond counsel or underwriter's counsel on public finance transactions throughout the United States.

Attorneys in the Group work as a team with colleagues in the firm's banking, tax, securities and bankruptcy and workout areas. Firm attorneys from other disciplines join the team whenever a significant public finance transaction warrants their involvement.

The firm's public finance clients include state governments, state agencies and authorities, counties, cities, villages, towns, school districts and other special purpose districts and municipal non-profit corporations and authorities located across the country. In addition, attorneys in the Public Finance Group frequently serve as counsel to the leading national and regional investment banking firms in the underwriting or remarketing of state and local government obligations.

The experience and ability of the firm's attorneys who devote their practice to municipal finance is widely recognized. Attorneys in the Public Finance Group frequently draft, review and lobby for new legislation that enhances the debt-issuing capabilities of the firm's clients. The Group's broad national presence and experience enable it to deal easily with complex transactions and to develop innovative financing structures.             

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